Top tips for motivation

It’s time to bring back that motivation. To spark some life back into your day. Get some wins under your belt and have success in your mental and physical training.

I help people like you get in better mental and physical shape, FAST!

During this lockdown phase all daily routine gradually went out the window. Getting up late, if at all, skipping meals, eating junk to fill the boredom gaps. Drinking more. Exercising less. The list goes on.

Well let’s fix that!

Our brain needs it’s daily fix of dopamine, an important chemical messenger in the brain that  is involved in motivation, reward, memory attention and more.

Daily task success stimulates a positive and powerful response from your brain.

Plan your day for the win!

Top ways for improving mood through hormonal release and stimulation.

Routine is key to mental success. Set a small task. Complete it. Dopamine is release. Mood is boosted. The brain craves more and you are motivated to do it again.

We all know the healthy benefits of exercise but it’s vital to our motivation too. Ever hear the phase “energy creates energy” well it’s from the endorphin release after exercise that you have a mood boost and are motivated to do more. Exercise is recommended for boosting endorphin levels and improving mood.Improvements in mood can be seen after as little as 10 minutes of aerobic activity but tend to be highest after at least 20 minutes

Listening to music has shown signs of dopamine release in the brain.

Sunlight can boost dopamine levels. A lack of exposure during winter times can cause a condition know as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) cause you to feel sad or depressed. However avoid  prolonged unprotected exposure to harmful UV rays

Combine all 3-

Take a 20-30 minute walk or jog in the sunlight while listening to music

Other ways to boost dopamine levels:

Nutrition a balanced diet with good quality protein. One amino acid, the building blocks of protein, called tyrosine plays a critical role in the production of dopamine.

Taking probiotics and while more research is needed some studies have shown negative dopamine production in high in saturated fat diets. Meditation has also shown signs of positive dopamine release.

So here’s the challenge.

Write out a plan for tomorrow.

* Wake up before 9am

(Make bed,shower get dressed)

* Have a good breakfast

(Eggs, bacon, porridge or fruit smoothie)

* exercise

(20 minutes of your choice)

* try meditation or mindfulness

(Plenty of podcasts and online classes available)

* read

(At least 1 chapter of a book)

* lunch

(Protein source, carbohydrate, veg or fruit)

* 30 mins sunlight

(Take a walk or do some gardening)

* listen to some music

(Music without lyrics has shown better results)

* dinner

(Source of protein, carbohydrate, veg)

* read

(Read a second chapter)

* bed

(No screen time, get a good sleep)

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Get Up. Get Dressed.

Lockdown mental and physical wellness tips.

An end to lockdown may just be around the corner. So let’s prepare our body and mind to return to life outside lockdown.

I chose not to say back to normal as this period  has given most of us time to reflect on what was “normal” just wasn’t working for us.

Personally I’m now aware that I spend too much time at work and I’m thriving on the amount of family time I’ve been cherishing.

Some of you guys that have attempted to lose weight, get fitter or try more holistic training like yoga and mindfulness have now had the opportunity to explore and focus on this.

While you’ve been off work you no longer have the excuse – I can’t find the time! So if you didn’t make a difference in your life then time isn’t the problem.

So let’s start today.

Get up.

Don’t lie  in bed wasting time browsing Facebook and endlessly flicking through social media.

Get dressed.

Make your bed. Put your clothes on for the day if your planning a workout get into I’m your training gear.

Get ready.

Now is the time for real change. You may never have an opportunity like this again. Yes you may have financial worries but that will all come around. So focus on you. Get mentally prepared for the new you.

One step at a time. Set a goal and take action steps towards it.

Get up. Get dressed. Get ready.

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At Ronnie Walsh Physical Fitness we know that fitness classes are more than just an hour to exercise they’re an event a community ovcassion that happens every day. You laugh with each other you have catch ups and have the opportunity to escape from the everyday grind.

Like all big occasions you gotta dress for it too! That’s why we’ve got an exciting range of Tshirts and hoodies to keep you trendy and part of the community.

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Protein: Too Much, Too Late?


With the popular wave of health and fitness continuing to sweep the nation we are hearing more and more conflicting reports of whats healthy and whats not. It can get quite confusing for people. The experts and researchers have been investigating proteins role in our diets for years. In a recent study  the focus was on quantity and timing. The results showed that generally we eat too much protein late in the evening and not enough at breakfast. (Mamerow et al.2014)

Most of our breakfasts are low protein or for many others no breakfast is eaten after a 10 hour fast at all. And there is increasing evidence of a casual link between breakfast skipping and obesity. (Ma et al,2013). In The Evening we tend to load our plates with protein rich foods. This unbalanced intake doesn’t quite give the hardworking muscles what they need., nor does it do the job of helping curb appetite throughout the day. Unlike with fat or carbohydrate, the body has limited capacity to store excess dietary protein/ amino acids from a single meal and use them to stimulate muscles at a later time. In other words your large salmon dinner is probably not gonna influence muscle growth at lunch tomorrow.


Ideally we should be aiming for a balanced intake throughout the day starting with breakfast. Aiming for about 20g of protein per meal would be a good starting point. If your keeping with our portion size guide then you’ll know how much is one portion of protein.  A recent study showed that clients eating 35g of protein at breakfast over a 12 week period ate 400 less calories on average over the course of the day.


I’ll follow this post up with a list of foods containing 20g grams of protein but for now here’s 4 very common easy accessible sources of 20g of protein.

  1. 21 grams protein powder (whey isolate)
    83 kcal, 20 g protein, 0.2 g carbs, 0.2 g sugar, 0.2 fat
  2. 182 grams egg whites (5 egg whites)
    94 kcal, 20 g protein, 1.3 g carbs, 1.3 g sugar, 0.3 g fat
  3. 87 grams chicken breast
    91 kcal, 20 g protein, 0.0 carbs, 0.0 g sugar, 1.3 g fat
  4. 80 grams canned tuna (packed in water)
    84 kcal, 20 g protein, 0.0 g carbs, 0.0 g sugar, 0.4 fat

Our SPARK Fitness Program covers all of this in detail with each client.

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Let’s Get Physical


In January we helped you kickstart your diet with our 28 daychallenge.  Now this February we want to help you to get moving and be more active.

The price price of our group training program which includes 12 group personal training sessions, unlimited fitness classes meal plans, measurements and more is only €100.

All of our classes are bring a friend for free this February so spread the word. If their first time it’s FREE, it’s the simple. Booking required


And we will also have the launch of our couch to 5k program. 6 weeks only €20. Register your interest here. RWPF – couch to 5k and beyond.
The night/day to be confirmed. This is for anyone that has never run 5k before or maybe not in a while. Maybe some of you would like to get stronger at running. We will also have a full series of group events for the year  as  a goal. The Dublin marathon series has 5k,10k, mini, half and full marathons so where you your journey takes you is limitless.

As part of our campaign we will also have a series of easy home workout routines on our website and social media so please share them with friends that may need some encouragement.

Our Teen Fitness classes will continue throughout theyear.  Only €20 for a four week term. The boys love it because they get to lift heavy stuff and the girls love it because they get to lift heavy stuff. They learn to move better and get fitter.

As always I’m here if you need me. Email or just call me and we can have a chat 0830042760.

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Teen Fitness Ratoath

Teen Fitness Ratoath1

Our next term of Teen Fitness in Ratoath is starting soon. You’ll learn valuable social skills along with increasing general fitness, strength, agility, coordination and more.

Our next Teen Fitness term will commence Wednesday 9th of March at 5:15pm you can sign up via our app for Apple or Android by clicking the links. You must be signed up at the start of each term.

The classes are for 13-16 years old and will be mixed boys and girls. Help develop social skills and build character.

The classes will continue month to month  and we will have a 5K challenge race to aim for!! Details to be confirmed.

We will have a variety of classes each week focusing on strength, fitness, co-ordination, agility and and more. Using trx, boxercise, kettlebells and weights you’ll have a variety of challenging, fun and progressive exercises to improve all of your skills each week.

Sign up now only €20 for each term.
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SPARK Fitness Program

** Amazing opportunity to kick-start your fitness**

What is The SPARK Fitness Program?
A four week group personal training program aiming not just to transform you short term into awesome shape but to coach you to long term success. There’s women only, men only and mixed programs so contact us for your chosen program. Ideal for weddings, special occasions, sporting events and just because you need to get back in shape!


If you’re interested in training 3 times per week with people on the same mission as you then this program IS for you!

Do you want to lose weight? Gain lean muscle? Tone up? Get fitter? Healthier? Yes! Then this program IS for you!

Do you want to learn more about nutrition and to make your life easier with easy to prepare healthy meal planning?
Yes. Then this program IS for you!

No more excuses. Your time is now.

The next program is starting soon. Don’t miss out.

The program will run Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am.
Our Mum and Baby SPARK Fitness Program is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11am.

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New App is now live

imageimageWhat an amazing couple of months its been for RWPF. We’ve raised an outstanding amount of money for charities including Special Olympics Ireland and Snowflakes autism support. All of which is down to the hard work of you, the members of Physical

We really do have a fantastic community and close fitness family spirit. Which I hope will continue to grow and grow over the coming years. This week has seen a huge addition to the future of RWPF with our Teen Fitness classes filling up each week. Its safe to say that the strong fitness tradition of east Meath is alive and well.

As the summer months continue to keep you parents busy its an opportunity for new clients to come and try out classes that have been sold out since the new year. But don’t worry we’ve been rolling out new classes each month and now have over 10 classes per week to choose from and more day classes coming in September, so your spaces are safe!

You can now book your space early each week using our shiny new app. Just click on the links to download each app. available for Apple and Android devices. Once you download it and register your details you’ll have access to the variety of classes and courses before anyone else. You can book premium personal training spaces that are usually sold out in minutes. Retain your class spaces and shop in our new online store. You’ll also have access to new meal plans and nutritional advice. So don’t delay and download it for free today. New content will be added daily.