Get Up. Get Dressed.

Lockdown mental and physical wellness tips.

An end to lockdown may just be around the corner. So let’s prepare our body and mind to return to life outside lockdown.

I chose not to say back to normal as this period  has given most of us time to reflect on what was “normal” just wasn’t working for us.

Personally I’m now aware that I spend too much time at work and I’m thriving on the amount of family time I’ve been cherishing.

Some of you guys that have attempted to lose weight, get fitter or try more holistic training like yoga and mindfulness have now had the opportunity to explore and focus on this.

While you’ve been off work you no longer have the excuse – I can’t find the time! So if you didn’t make a difference in your life then time isn’t the problem.

So let’s start today.

Get up.

Don’t lie  in bed wasting time browsing Facebook and endlessly flicking through social media.

Get dressed.

Make your bed. Put your clothes on for the day if your planning a workout get into I’m your training gear.

Get ready.

Now is the time for real change. You may never have an opportunity like this again. Yes you may have financial worries but that will all come around. So focus on you. Get mentally prepared for the new you.

One step at a time. Set a goal and take action steps towards it.

Get up. Get dressed. Get ready.