Top tips for motivation

It’s time to bring back that motivation. To spark some life back into your day. Get some wins under your belt and have success in your mental and physical training.

I help people like you get in better mental and physical shape, FAST!

During this lockdown phase all daily routine gradually went out the window. Getting up late, if at all, skipping meals, eating junk to fill the boredom gaps. Drinking more. Exercising less. The list goes on.

Well let’s fix that!

Our brain needs it’s daily fix of dopamine, an important chemical messenger in the brain that  is involved in motivation, reward, memory attention and more.

Daily task success stimulates a positive and powerful response from your brain.

Plan your day for the win!

Top ways for improving mood through hormonal release and stimulation.

Routine is key to mental success. Set a small task. Complete it. Dopamine is release. Mood is boosted. The brain craves more and you are motivated to do it again.

We all know the healthy benefits of exercise but it’s vital to our motivation too. Ever hear the phase “energy creates energy” well it’s from the endorphin release after exercise that you have a mood boost and are motivated to do more. Exercise is recommended for boosting endorphin levels and improving mood.Improvements in mood can be seen after as little as 10 minutes of aerobic activity but tend to be highest after at least 20 minutes

Listening to music has shown signs of dopamine release in the brain.

Sunlight can boost dopamine levels. A lack of exposure during winter times can cause a condition know as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) cause you to feel sad or depressed. However avoid  prolonged unprotected exposure to harmful UV rays

Combine all 3-

Take a 20-30 minute walk or jog in the sunlight while listening to music

Other ways to boost dopamine levels:

Nutrition a balanced diet with good quality protein. One amino acid, the building blocks of protein, called tyrosine plays a critical role in the production of dopamine.

Taking probiotics and while more research is needed some studies have shown negative dopamine production in high in saturated fat diets. Meditation has also shown signs of positive dopamine release.

So here’s the challenge.

Write out a plan for tomorrow.

* Wake up before 9am

(Make bed,shower get dressed)

* Have a good breakfast

(Eggs, bacon, porridge or fruit smoothie)

* exercise

(20 minutes of your choice)

* try meditation or mindfulness

(Plenty of podcasts and online classes available)

* read

(At least 1 chapter of a book)

* lunch

(Protein source, carbohydrate, veg or fruit)

* 30 mins sunlight

(Take a walk or do some gardening)

* listen to some music

(Music without lyrics has shown better results)

* dinner

(Source of protein, carbohydrate, veg)

* read

(Read a second chapter)

* bed

(No screen time, get a good sleep)

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imageimageWhat an amazing couple of months its been for RWPF. We’ve raised an outstanding amount of money for charities including Special Olympics Ireland and Snowflakes autism support. All of which is down to the hard work of you, the members of Physical

We really do have a fantastic community and close fitness family spirit. Which I hope will continue to grow and grow over the coming years. This week has seen a huge addition to the future of RWPF with our Teen Fitness classes filling up each week. Its safe to say that the strong fitness tradition of east Meath is alive and well.

As the summer months continue to keep you parents busy its an opportunity for new clients to come and try out classes that have been sold out since the new year. But don’t worry we’ve been rolling out new classes each month and now have over 10 classes per week to choose from and more day classes coming in September, so your spaces are safe!

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fitnesspic4We will be launching our #100daysofphysicalfitness campaign soon!!   We will be including all aspects of what we do, fitness classes, personal training and more, so there’s plenty of rewards. This challenge will be 100 days of being active and looking after your body and mind. The benefits of physical activity for your mental well-being are widely publicised so I wont need to go into too much detail here. It’s very difficult to motivate yourself especially if you’re a beginner or haven’t been active for a while so with Ronnie Walsh Physical Fitness you will have training partners and goals and a helping hand at every stage. We will have a look at your diet, current exercise program if any, and even look at your daily schedule to make time to train.

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